Golden Globe Awards 2018

Oprah Winfrey was recognized for her contributions to entertainment with the Cecil B. DeMille Award during Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards, making history as the first black woman to win the prestigious award. The legendary journalist-turned-actress and producer closed out her powerful speech with a message of hope for a future in which no one would have to share another #MeToo story.

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

Many people were duped. Oprah and Harvey Weinstein were and probably are still best friends. When many women were being abused, Oprah knew or should have known what her friend was doing. There are more than a few dozens of pictures of Oprah cozying up to Weinstein, smiling and laughing. The reaction to her speech at the Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards is the last act of a desperate people thirsty for justice. Her words will never make up for her actions. Five years ago, Oprah was mentioned in my book “Deadly faith”. When I found out, something was said then.

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