This is not a drill

People in Hawaii woke up Saturday, 01-13-2018, to emergency alerts sent to their mobile phones and broadcast on radio and TV warning of an imminent ballistic missile attack. BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. For the more than 30 minutes it took before a corrected message was broadcast, the alert caused panic among many around the state. With no civil defense training and no shelters to seek refuge in, people started running in all directions, several drivers were running red lights to get to loved ones, many were wandering around trying to figure out where to go. A young girl was guided into a manhole.            Seek immediate shelter, where? Many places were deemed great shelters from “a nuclear strike”: closet, under a mattress, bath, kitchen table, even a doorway. Others, cool as cucumbers, were busy with their phones, streaming and recording the event for posterity.
I would have no chance of survival anywhere without my school desk. Suddenly I realized that people are unprepared for this kind of man-made disaster. We may have to postpone killing each other.
So what happens if a real missile alert goes through in the future ?
Meanwhile, in another dimension, Joe Arpaio, who was not surprised by the erroneous Hawaiian missile alert, points to the state’s handling of ‘phony’ Obama birth certificate.
In a totally different dimension, a group of right-wing protesters wheeled a homemade gallows outside a hall where London’s Muslim mayor was about to speak and tried to arrest him for disrespecting U.S. President Donald Trump. They accused the mayor of “treachery” and “treason”, while waving a foreign flag in support of a foreign president on British soil.
“Dysfunctional humans”

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