Senatus populus que americanus

Congress is elected by the people to do a job, which is not being done, obviously. Campaigning and taking bribes, when not collecting “free speech money” from special interest groups are far more important than attending to the business of the people. Instead, 545 terrorists are collecting money to play a game of chicken. “We the people” has turned into “Screw the people”.
According to Republicans, in forcing a showdown over immigration and triggering a government shutdown, Democrats have embraced a confrontational, rule-breaking strategy they once blasted as irresponsible when practiced by the other party. In a real democracy, with great power comes great responsibility. The US Congress is the only body, in the entire world, which can challenge a public cesspool when it comes to contents, and win.
The real threat to the national security of a country is not terrorism, but an abusive greedy government riddled with corruption. The nation is held hostage by a gang of millionaire domestic terrorists. When the law favors the rich and powerful, then uses its illegal power to permeate different countries, a dysfunctional world ensues where people are abused and live in fear of their government or a central imperial master. (Dysfunctional humans [November 27th, 2017]
But don’t fret over it. The Senate will receive the customary applause, from the ignorant masses, when it finally does part of its job. The Romans did the same. Hail Caesar!

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