The Johnson amendment

Beatrice Dupuy of Newsweek reported on January 20, 2018: A Texas state judge says that God called on him to intervene and ask the jury to deliver a not guilty verdict in a sex trafficking case. The Comal County Judge Jack Robison reportedly told jurors last week that when “God tells me I gotta do something, I gotta do it.” Robison asked jurors for a not guilty verdict in the case of a woman accused of trafficking an underage girl, according to The Dallas Morning News.
It’s one thing for the people of the US to allow a gang of 545 terrorists to shut down the government, it’s a totally different ball game if the religious right is allowed to destroy the Johnson amendment in order to implement their version of Evangelical Sharia Law. I sounded the warning two years ago in “World super predators” and no one is paying attention. One day, common sense will expose the Evangelical wolves, and the US will fall to Islam.

It is not a battle between good and evil, it has never been. It is a decision between common sense and inherent stupidity. We can no longer ignore the facts that many of us, still living in the days of 2000 years old goat herders, want to force their hallucination on the rest of the world.


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