The charade goes on

The news finally came crashing down today, 02/07/2018: the US, France and Israhell are enacting laws that would send holocaust deniers in jail for 2 years; Poland countered with a 3 years jail visit for anyone who places any blame on Poland.
“When a myth is shared by large numbers of people, it becomes a reality.” (Lawrence Blair)
“How many legs does a dog have, if you call his tail a leg? Four. Saying that a tail is a leg doesn’t make it a leg.” (Abraham Lincoln)
If a million people believe a lie, does it become a truth? No matter how many people believe a lie, it is still a lie. If the lie is repeated often enough, people may forget that it is a lie. However, that still does not make it a truth.
Daniel Elbaum, the Chicago-based Assistant Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee, wrote an article with more holes than a sieve: “A message to Poland: Great countries wrestle with their history, but don’t deny it.”
Daniel wrote: “When we remember Poles during the Holocaust, more often than not we may first think about the collaborators and murderers.” The truth is: Poland was the pawn used by Britain to wage war on Germany, because it could not compete with Germany’s economy.
Elbaum continued: “The bravery of the Polish army and air force, as well as the famed resistance, is legendary.” Please tell us more, because true History remembers the “bravery” of the Polish army around 1803, in the fight against slavery, in the Caribbean.
As explained in my last book “Dysfunctional humans”, 40 different nationalities were targeted during the injustices perpetrated during World War II, (and not just by the Nazis). The lie of a hoax-locaust, made in Hollywood as a Jewish fiesta, can never stand the test of time. If you want to see a real holocaust, not made in Hollywood, look at the MAAFA of 800 million blacks.
“A lie cannot live.” (Martin Luther King Jr.)


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