What a day

The lady smiled as she showed me the strawberries she had selected from the display bin. I cringed. By now, the indoctrination and brain-washing were complete, as companies have been very good at teaching everyone what to do. We are so good at counting calories that we teach our children to do it too. Every day, instead of looking for poisonous ingredients, millions scour the food shelves in a quest to find how many calories can be found in every produce, can, bag, or box.
She asked if I like strawberries. I replied that I only eat the ones grown in my garden. When she ventured to ask why, I knew that I had to tell her the truth. Most commercial strawberries are sprayed with methyl iodide, a chemical more dangerous than arsenic. It is a known neurotoxin and carcinogen, associated with suppression of thyroid hormone synthesis, respiratory illness and lung tumors, and a probable cause of miscarriages and birth defects (PANNA 2011).

Then, I couldn’t stop. I told her that the overpriced organic free range eggs she had in her cart were not organic or free range, the 100% GMO corn causes liver damage in chickens, the potatoes were as bad as the milk, and her fruits were out of season. She sighted and asked: what can I do?

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