Race and IQ

Racism grows in the fertile ground of ignorance, and is presently blooming in our best schools. Race superiority and IQ test are for idiots.
The “Race and IQ” project completed by a C.K. McClatchy High School student in the elite magnet program, HISP (Humanities and International Studies program), was put up Monday for judging and was taken down Wednesday after parents grew outraged over its hypothesis that argued “if the average IQs of blacks, Southeast Asians, and Hispanics are lower than the average IQs of non-Hispanic whites and Northeast Asians, then the racial disproportionality in (HISP) is justified,” according to The Sacramento Bee. It’s the school’s elite HISP program.
Only one group of misfits used scientific ignorance to invent and promote the racial divide with the IQ test. Only the mutations of Dravidian albinos with recessive genes would be so preoccupied by this kind of nonsense. All the drugs and hard liquor in the world could not produce this level of stupidity.

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