Fleeced waitress

A 25-year-old server at a Florida restaurant says she lost her job after posting on Facebook that she didn’t get tipped for a $735 take-out order placed by a local church. Tamlynn Yoder told the Palm Beach Post that she took to social media after Christ Fellowship church placed a 75-item order Wednesday from Outback Steakhouse in Palm Beach Gardens. Yoder said that because she spent much of her shift preparing the order, she only made $18 in total tips that day. She says she didn’t mention the restaurant in the Facebook post. When she went to work the next day, she was fired.

Getting paid $18 for a day work is wrong and illegal. Why can’t restaurants pay their employees just like any other business? Restaurants are the only businesses still functioning under the slavery rules. Who received the bribes to enact the laws it took to fleece restaurant workers of a living wage? The time has come for restaurant patrons to refuse to tip and force the scum owners to pay for services they are benefiting from.

And it’s not like the restaurant owners are not making money selling farm raised salmon instead of wild caught. A wild salmon eats krill, a farmed salmon is fed dog food, chicken fat, soybean, GMO corn, and ground feathers. And it’s not like the restaurant owners are not making money using meat glue to salvage meat scraps into steaks and filet mignons.

No comment is needed about a church which has enough tax free money to spend on air-conditioned dog houses, drugs, prostitutes, shopping sprees, etc…

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