Holy buzzards

Following the school shooting in Florida, Carol Kuruvilla, of HuffPost, wrote: “From a spiritual perspective, there’s nothing wrong with thoughts and prayers. Prayer can be helpful and even transformative for a family going through the shock of a loved one’s untimely death. For congregations, prayer can offer comfort in times of unspeakable sorrow and often serve as the first step toward organizing a joint response.” This is not only a demented hallucination, it’s pure BS and nonsense.
People can always expect buzzards to circle when there are dead bodies. These churches always show up to set up future donations by playing on people’s feelings, at any time of vulnerability. FN prayers didn’t work before or during the tragedy, what would make an idiot think they would work after? Praying to a fairy, who couldn’t handle 2 pieces of wood and 3 nails, to stop bullets from killing kids is insane.This religious practice of fleecing vulnerable humans in their time of need must stop.

Church members should register as agents of a foreign power, because their God is not only out of this world but also out of common sense. Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Atheism are angles. Religion is a pile of manure and different denominations are different angles to look at the same pile of manure. “Dysfunctional humans” @Amazon.com/books

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