Today, we all should observe a moment of silence to honor the tragic passing of common sense. “Anything is better than lies and deceit” (Leo Tolstoy).
They joyfully walk to the classrooms at Marjory Stoneman Douglas school while sharing countless wishful and ambitious talks, full of hope for the future. With the love and encouragement of their parents, they try very hard to get an education, despite a rigged system designed for them to fail. They know what they have to deal with, sandwiched between the bland ad nauseum instructions to pass the required state tests and the utter lack and deficiency of a real curriculum. Today is Valentine’s day, another day when they got up early to pursue their dream of a decent education.
Time grows scarcer as they walk in the hallways toward their designated classrooms, smiling, laughing, joining their friends along the way, sharing their latest interests. Ra-ta-ta-ta, boom-boom-boom, Ra-ta-ta-ta, boom-boom-boom. Shots are fired, sending students running for their lives; everyone tries to take cover, scared. Their contagious laughter is no more, the smiles are frozen; many contact their love ones, while others record the unfolding tragedy for posterity. A teacher, understanding the gravity of the moment, uses his life to protect and shield his beloved students, while the school resource officer in charge of protecting the kids “never went in” and stayed outside.
Gone are the smiles, the hugs, the dreams, the tweets, the messages, the promising careers, the birthdays, as 17 innocent lives are snuffed in a few minutes. Lifeless bodies, where so much life resided a few seconds earlier. Bodies slumped to the ground, covered in blood. Blood on the floor, blood on the walls, blood on the neatly ironed clothes that required so much detailed work from mom or dad, blood on the desks, blood on the books, blood on the cell phones, blood everywhere. And the children’s education will have to wait another day, another week, as the inquisitive search for knowledge turns into another somber and tearful requiem.
On Wednesday 02/14/2018, not even two months into the year 2018, a day when many celebrate “love”, 17 people needlessly lost their lives on another school grounds, to another act of gun violence, in America. They were students, children of tax paying parents, and tax paying teachers who deserved the protection they paid for.
Across town and the country, like sharks in a feeding frenzy, the usual buzzards circled, as pundits, analysts, retired officials, experts, and politicians assembled to profit from the tragedy. There were very stupid people on both sides, as non-elected vultures peddled their crass opinions to various networks, while the elected officials found more senseless ways to pat themselves on the back. Press conferences were hastily arranged for the tail-wagging media, as politicians, like little Marco Rubio, explained why he should continue to take bribes. Everyone had an excuse for not getting involved, and also all the answers to the problem. Special arrangements were made for many to appear on specific TV and radio shows, and videos were posted on You Tube. Many keyboard warriors reported for duty, hurriedly rush online and didn’t waste any time to express their idiotic feelings that this will MAGA. Just another day in the land of the free… the hamburgers are on the grill , the ice cold beers are in the cooler. Life goes on.
As Missouri governor Eric Greitens, a former Navy seal, was indicted, Florida governor Rick Scott came out of hibernation to propose tighter gun restrictions at a meeting from the Capitol in Tallahassee. He also wants to raise the minimum age for buying a gun to 21, with some exceptions for younger military members and law enforcement officers. A lot of good these clever proposals would have done in the Las Vegas shooting case. Get off the merry-go-round and stop blaming the kids, governor.
We don’t need to dwell on the fluid failures, fluid short-comings and fluid screw-ups of the Federal, State and local law enforcement, that will not bring back the dead. However, we must mention that Scot Peterson, the school resource officer of the year in 2017 and nominee for Parkland deputy of the year in 2017, was made the fall guy, because he failed to “kill the killer” (new buzzwords), “did not engage the active shooter”, “never entered the building” (old buzzwords). Sheriff Scott Israel was completely devastated, sick to his stomach because Scot Peterson chose to go back alive to his family. The sheriff should stick “to protect and serve” and stay off the comedy tour.
We don’t need to dwell on the cookie cutter nonsense of thoughts and prayers which are offerings from buzzards looking to collect donations so they can profit, once more, from the misfortunes of others, heartbroken, in their time of grief, need and sorrow. We can no longer rely on a God who caused the tragedy or failed to stop it. It has been 2000 years since the uneducated have been waiting for Jesus to lift a finger.
We don’t need to dwell on the idiotic comments of president Cheetos who took 31 millions from the NRA and advised giving teachers a bit more money and guns so they can do what the law enforcement agencies are already getting paid to do. Let’s just remind the stable genius that Principal Dennis Reeves shot himself in the parking lot of the Kirbyville High School in Texas.
We don’t need to dwell on the inane suggestion to place more deputies armed with AR-15 in schools, because more armed cops in schools mean more black kids dead or pushed in the criminal justice system. Should we go a bit further and suggest that the officers be allowed to patrol the schools with the tanks and grenade launchers they acquired not too long ago? Why not have the SWAT in every classroom?
We don’t need to dwell on the insane ramblings of the NRA. Wayne LaPierre has not been visited by common sense since Charlston Heston was 2 years old, going around the neighborhood to see if another toddler could pry a BB gun from his cold dead baby hands. Dana Loesch, a Southern Baptist from Easton, has not been any luckier since she double dropped a kid and school to circle like a buzzard for the NRA. What else can be expected from hyenas, they are scavengers. They make a living justifying murders and blaming the dead.
The NRA made money, in the beginning, fighting AGAINST the right of the people to bear arms and is now making more money after it reversed its stands to fight FOR the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms, not the right of the NRA to decide and impose their Sharia Gun Law on the people.
The immediate need of our society is to support our children, because they have the moral fortitude to fix a problem that we created. In just a few days, students have shown more common sense in problem solving than the entire generation of morons who came before them. They don’t want to be killed, butchered, slaughtered anymore. The children know the system is rotten to the core, they understand clearly that the government is being sold to the highest bidder.
The solution is easy, the implementation will be hard. Before America can be great again, she must be liberated from the restricting chains that keep her bound. Right now, America is a kidnapped whore being pimped to special interest groups and the elites are taking turn raping her to satisfy their sick and perverted agenda.
This massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas school is the 17th incident where guns were fired at schools or colleges in 2018. Two young students lost their lives on January 23rd, in Kentucky; a 15 year old girl was shot in Texas, the day before, on January 22nd.
But we are promised, once more, that it will not happen again, in a country where gun violence is the number one commodity. We are so great at killing, it’s our number one export. Enough kids have been murdered, enough families have been destroyed, enough money have been made from the stolen lives of our children.

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