Money game

On Wednesday 02/28/2018, at the start of the fourth free-flowing gun policy discussion he has had in a week, Trump pushed Congress to go big on the bill. He said he told NRA officials, “It’s time. We’ve got to stop this nonsense. It’s time.” The president promised the nation he would personally handle the assault weapon problem. On Thursday 02/29/2018, US President Donald Trump met with the National Rifle Association, which later said he opposed gun control, despite Trump’s remarks to the contrary a day earlier at the White House. Trump tweeted Thursday night he had a “great” meeting with the NRA, one of the most influential lobbying groups in Washington, as the debate on gun control rages on in the wake of the Florida school shooting, which killed 17 two weeks ago. “Good (Great) meeting in the Oval Office tonight with the NRA!”, Trump tweeted of the unannounced meeting, without offering further details.
“The reason that nothing’s gotten done here is because the gun lobby has had a veto power over any legislation that comes before Congress,” Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut said.
It’s shocking to see that no one is up in arms as a corporation just hijacks the legislative process and shuts down “We the people” in a meeting with a corrupt president. Shocking to witness the State of Georgia intimidate Delta Airlines with NO repercussion. Sad to see the country knows that Jared Kushner is not doing anything different from Congress. What money can not buy, money can usually rent. This is a country mired in greed and corruption and the only culprit is “We the people”. “Dysfunctional humans”

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