7427 reasons

There are more than 7427 absurdities, contradictions, cruelties, murders, perverted sex, inconsistencies and downright stupidity in the bible, most of them listed in “Spiritual Mess”, “Sinful deception” and ” Incestuous Savior” @Amazon.com/books.
To reach complete dominance over the uneducated masses, nothing is more fitting and appropriate than a book glorifying death, filled with unparalleled filth, un-natural sex, orgies, intolerance, divisiveness, child abuse, human sacrifices, genocide, cannibalism, rape, gang rape, superstition, ignorance, inequality, racism, animal feces, misogyny, bigotry, inbreeding, slavery, war-mongering, planetary destruction, injustices, atrocities, sexual perversion, incest and bloody violence. And that’s just in the first few chapters.
This is the very best book that some geniuses could find to display in city halls and government buildings across this nation. Clearly, humping a bible is not a cure-all. Won’t you please join us, and keep this trashy book away from our house, our schools and our children?
Millions upon millions of victims butchered, by a merciful and good God, for reasons better described as demented. Many claimed that God had a good reason to slaughter 25 millions innocent people just in the Old Testament; so countless of death row inmates had a good reason for their deeds. Murder is murder, no matter who commits it or why.

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