Pin head

Ken Blackwell wrote in a commentary for CNS News: “Yet anti-Second Amendment, anti-gun activists again are blaming honest, law-abiding folks for someone else’s crimes. Punishing millions of Americans is not the answer to the actions of an evil few.” By the way, it’s not “someone else’s crimes”, just “someone else crimes”.
Where is the proof that there are people against the 2nd Amendment? Where is the proof that there are anti-gun activists blaming honest, law-abiding folks? Ken Blackwell continues: “But instead of discussing this issue, the anti-gun lobby is targeting gun owners. Politics has become personal; hurting neighbors and even friends has become the objective.” Where is the evidence that gun owners are targeted?
There is nothing more revolting, repulsive, offensive, ignorant than someone writing from stupidity to defend a cause they want to espouse. Hey Ken, from the onset of the presidency of Ambrose Burnside, the NRA has supported most federal gun control laws, against the 2nd Amendment right of the people to bear arms. When blacks wanted to carry guns in the 60s to protect themselves against the police, the NRA supported Ronald Reagan signing the 1967 Mulford Act that restricted people carrying guns.
Hey Ken, it would be great if you could click your red slippers and wake up in reality, but as long as you want to share the credit for accomplishments you were never part of, and battles you never fought in, you will always be a lapdog.

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