Food safety

Many people flock to online sites to protest GMO, Monsanto and poisonous foods. The real protest site is our home and we should deny entry into our homes to all intruders looking to harm us. It’s called self-defense; you don’t always have to use a gun. The refusal to purchase a product from one of these companies is a better response than signing hundred of petitions. Don’t get me wrong, signing petitions is important because our voice needs to be heard; but not contributing to the wealth of the offending companies will do a lot more to strenghten our message.The USDA and the FDA don’t give a damn about the quality of food sold to us or care about the quantity of production. I truly don’t know what they are good for. “FDA approved” and “USDA inspected” mean diddly-squat.

gordon ramsay kitchen nightmares meme - Google Search

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