Buying death

Farming is a return to an old cozy place from my childhood. I was raised between the city and the farm. I can cook on an electric range or an outdoor fire made of 3 stones and dry twigs. I can wash my clothes in an electric washer or by hand in a river. I enjoy electricity, but am never bothered by a blackout. I can relax in an air conditioned building and am at ease under the shade of a tree. I am happy to wear a 3 piece suit, tie and formal shoes or just go barefoot in shorts. The one thing I do not compromise on is the food I eat. I know what any food is supposed to taste like, be it meat, grains, veggies or fruits. I care about what goes in the food that I feed my body with.
I understood very early and quickly when things started to change. It didn’t take long for the reality to sink in that all companies care only about making money, regardless of the many people they send to the emergency room or the grave.The FDA, USDA, EPA and other government agencies are only there to prevent mass hysteria by limiting the number of casualties. Then the omission, falsification, suppression of information take care of the rest when they become more tangible and frightening.
One minute, there is an outbreak of E-Coli killing consumers; the next minute, it’s over. One minute, there is a spread of chicken flu; the next minute, it’s over after they culled 30 millions chicken. One minute, there is a foot-and-mouth mad cow disease in cattle; the next minute, the department of agriculture located the farm where the calf was born and the problem goes away. The offending company pays a fine, the dead are buried and everything returns to normal. Honesty and truth become casualties of profit making.

Mad Cow


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