Food choice

When shopping for food, there are a few rules, if observed, that can make the experience better. Because Mother Nature knows best, always buy fruits in season. There is no substitute for tree ripened fruits; they have the perfect aroma, nutrients, fiber and taste. Have you ever walked by a stack of pineapples, oranges or apples at the grocery store? I call them zombie fruits. Smell the fruit before you buy it; if there is no aroma, put it down. Be advised that bananas and papayas are the new targets of the GMO terrorists.
When choosing bagged green leaves, like spinach, kale, collard or mustard greens, make sure there is no leaf sticking to the bag or moisture that would indicate early decay. Limes or lemons with smooth skin, usually the Persian variety, have more juice. Bananas should have round corners and look full; skinny ones with squared corners have been picked too early. Corn is 100% GMO and causes liver damage in poultry.
Research the companies providing your food. Beware of the labels on packages; stop counting calories and start looking for bad ingredients. Packing meat in salt water and selling it by the pound is another way to rip you off. When it comes to your health, do not eat any farmed fish, be it salmon or catfish.
Try to bring the business of agriculture back to farmers who know what they are doing, instead of trusting pencil pushers. It’s up to us to rectify the food problem. As long as we accept what they put on our plate, we will never have decent healthy food.

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