We made it

Around 600AD, a group of fun loving Arawaks, from the Oricono Delta, migrated North and settled in a lush new land. They created a complex, highly organized society with no tax, no debt, there were plenty of wild boars and cattle, plenty of wild birds, the women did all the house or garden works and cared for the elderly and children, the medicine man was free, the men spent all day fishing or hunting and all night having sex. The locals became more numerous than their counterparts in European countries. All that was about to change.
In 1492, the terrorists landed in the form of extremist Christians. They came to the land of the Native Americans, armed with bibles. They said: “Let’s pray”. The locals closed their eyes; when they opened them, they had the bibles and the invaders had the land. Genocide, theft, murder, robbery, kidnapping, looting, slaughter, arson, cannibalism and inbreeding were the values that helped to multiply this gang of mongrels who decimated the indigenous population. And it went from bad to worse.
In 1517, Africans were imported to work in the plantations, from sunup to sundown, while the massas relaxed on the porch, indulging in heroin and moonshine.
From April 1775, British attempts to disarm the Massachusetts militia at Concord led to the formation, in 1783, of a military extension of the British Armed Forces, called the United States of America.
From the night of August 14, 1791, to the triumphant day of November 18, 1803, a nation of slaves rose to defeat the terrorist forces of Napoleon and his European allies. The evil Atlantic slave trade was defeated.
Today, we are finally a great nation where justice is for sale to the highest bidder. A great country where the news has to be spoon-fed to the ignorant masses; something that required many days of contradicting detailed ad nauseum explanation from experts, former or retired staff members, pundits and plain idiots. A great country where days, weeks and months are wasted describing the lurid details of a sexual encounter between the president and a porn star. A great country where children and young adults are fighting to save their lives, against the very people in charge of protecting them. A great country where inbred morons think their right to own another machine gun supersedes the right of others to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Image: 16 of the 17 fatal victims of the Parkland school shooting.


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