Today’s news

Once again, the networks have redefined the standard for trashy news. Stormy Daniels has just accomplished the impossible task of wrestling the front page from Trump. Countless of dumb and stupid anchors are obsessed with the sexual escapades of one Donald Trump, who is the poster child for sexual harassment and very well known around the world as a womanizer. MSNBC spent an entire morning, broadcasting their “Breaking News” about the Stormy/Trump affair. The words of Stormy’s lawyer resonated: “I can not discuss that- I am not at liberty to discuss that- I can not comment on that- We still don’t know many details- I can not confirm or deny”, then why show up in front of a camera, in a “newsroom”, to disclose that you don’t know what you are talking about or can not answer questions relevant to the reason you showed up in the studio?
Then it is revealed that 6 more women, who shall remain nameless, have come forward to claim similar allegations of sexual predation from Trump. Newsflash: Trump was elected despite all the sexual revelations made against him. Just ask the Evangelicals. This non-delivery is why many called “fake news” the stupid ranting of the networks, which is worse than what the National Enquirer offers.
Meanwhile, the heat is off Congress which is free to take in more bribes, behind the scene, out of sight. The senate just passed the rollback on banking rules enacted after the financial crisis and collapse. And it’s ok with “We the people”, who are salivating in anticipation of drooling over the possible pictures of Trump and Stormy in action. Something that will be more in the line of watching our grandparents do it.

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