Pucker up

On March 16, 2018, at 08:20 PM, columnist Leonard Pitts Jr., who won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 2004, proved himself to be a very colorful idiot. In a biased article, he compared Farrakhan’s black followers to Trump’s white supremacist terrorists (which is the effect of drinking too much angel trumpet tea). He then used a few inane descriptions like “he danced like Baryshnikov around the NOI leader’s record of Jew bashing”, “The question of how black folks should (or should not) engage with him is thornier than an outsider may appreciate”, “tolerate him as you would a dotty uncle”, to get a smile or chuckle from his lily white audience. Of course came the final lesson that he wants the world to learn: We are required to be better than that. Who are the “we” he is referring to? Leonard continued: “But he has also said and done some things that are truly hurtful and reprehensible.”
So, after reading the soiled piece of bird cage material, I am left with more questions than answers. Does the first Amendment apply to Farrakhan? Is telling the truth considered “anti-Zionism”? Does Pitts Jr. realize that Semite, anti-Semite, Semitism and anti-Semitism are words used by idiots, just as IQ test? Where was Leonard Pitts Jr. when the Zionists forced Negroes in the desert with no food or water? Where was Leonard Pitts Jr. when the black women were being sterilized by the Zionists? Where was Leonard Pitts Jr. when white phosphorus bombs were dropped on the Palestinian children getting out of school in downtown Gaza? Does Leonard have any idea where the Zionists are from? How many Negroes have been slaughtered by Leonard Pitts Jr.’s favorite heroes and buddies? Is Leonard familiar with the “Fink’s bar diatribe”? Did Pitts Jr take any time to research the USS Liberty? Is Leonard familiar with the speech by Benzion Mileikowski, during the last election, where he accused Negroes of polluting the Zionist gene pool and bragged about deporting all blacks from Israhell? Where has Leonard Pitts Jr been for the past 60 years? Hanging out with Richard Albert, Solomon Morel and Abraham Gancwajch?
To which there can be only one proper answer: Duh.

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