Things that keep me awake at night

During Noah’s flood, did 15 cubits of water cover Mount Everest? Why do Christians look up when praying, isn’t God supposed to be everywhere? How many donations did pastor Zachery Tims collect, before the cocaine and heroin mixture reached his blood stream? If I live a Christian life, obey all of God’s rules, follow Jesus, die and find out that Zeus is still the big Kahuna, where do I get my tithe and donation money back? Can being bored for eternity, singing the praises of an invisible genocidal murderer be the just rewards for a well behaved life? If I buy 2 lottery tickets; pray to God on the first to help me win the jackpot, then pray to a wild duck on the second one, which prayer will be answered first? If Jesus doesn’t keep his promises, where is the complaint department? Are my Mormon magic underwear self-cleaning? How can Jesus be called good after Luke 14:26? Hitler tried to create a super race, God tried to create a super tribe; somehow Hitler is the only bad guy? If nothing is impossible with God, can I lick my elbow?

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