What is heaven

In his new book, Our Father: Reflections on the Lord’s Prayer, Pope Francis offers unprecedented insight into his delusion.
Wow! Shaking the tree of stupidity and selling the fruits to the ignorant masses for a donation. He wrote: ” Nevertheless, let us think about the God of Abraham”. Abraham DID NOT worship Jesus or the virgin Mary, you big dummy.
Heaven is the Christian Babar’s kingdom, the land of Oz, where believers can purchase pricey celestial real estate properties for which they pay a handsome ransom for, during their entire lives on the planet. After they kick the bucket, the suckers flap their arms like buzzards and fly to the invisible land, up there. That’s after going to church to eat their imaginary friend and drink his blood so they can live forever in the sky. There, they receive invisible white clothes to cover their invisible white bodies and spend eternity praising the exploits of the original con-man and his son, the original zombie. It’s also a place where Jesus hides his pedophile priests.
The leader of the biggest idiot club has gone where no other fool has, he packed his lunch to go retrieve the gold at the end of the rainbow. Milking the cow of delusion and selling the milk to the faithful saps for a donation.


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