Little Marco $1.05 Rubio

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla) told students he does not agree with The March For Our Lives and added in a Saturday statement that there are “many other Americans who do not support a gun ban” because they view it as a threat to the Second Amendment. No excuse, hard liquor, drugs or plain ignorance should lead anyone to believe this pile of manure being spread by the NRA idiot.
No one said anything about banning all guns, and a ban on assault rifles has been done in the past, 90% of Americans agree on comprehensive background checks, and nobody is taking away anyone’s 2nd amendment rights.
Money is a drug, and right now little Marco $1.05 Rubio is drunk and high. He doesn’t feel that the kids should have the right to demand safe schools because he is on the NRA payroll. (Dysfunctional humans” /books)

Sen. Marco Rubio Tells Students He Does Not Agree With The March For Our Lives

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