Another day, another joker

Yesterday 03/26/2018, Doctor Hector Florimon wrote an article titled: Majority of people with dangerously high cholesterol not taking medication.
Another article to disguise a designer ad for big Pharma to rake in more money. They have just lowered the cholesterol numbers by 10 points to get more people to buy their drugs. Cholesterol-lowering statin medications like Lipitor and Crestor have been the #1 prescribed class of drugs in the U.S. for years. More than 215 million prescriptions add $14 billion to drug company coffers every year. A recent report from the government’s National Center for Health Statistics showed that an astounding 25 percent of Americans aged 45 and older take statins, compared to only 2 percent in 1994. (The drugs came on the market in 1987.)
Blacks don’t have a high cholesterol problem, we are children of the sun. Get 20 minutes of sun in the morning and 20 minutes around sunset. As for me, I am outside all day long in my gardens, enjoying my solar battery charger.
In another case, my blood sugar fluctuates between 90 and 163 after meals and a doctor thinks that I should be on Metformin Hydrochloride, because “blacks are prone to diabetes”. Almost like saying that he is willing to castrate me because my neighbors have too many kids. I tossed the prescription in the trash and will explain things to him at the next visit in two weeks.

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