Blacks are expected to perform well in a system that teaches: little green aliens built the pyramids; the world was created in 4004 BCE by a cloud dwelling fairy; Adam and Eve were the first humans; nothing existed before the Greek and Roman eras; a blond hair, blue eyes Jesus is the savior of the world and rose from the dead; slaves were lazy and inferior to the white massas; the lion is king of the jungle; Tarzan is king of the jungle; Santa Claus is coming to town; reindeers can fly; Hitler killed 6 millions Jews; the US is a democracy; your vote counts; the Easter Bunny lays chocolate eggs; cowboys fought with Indians; milk does a body good; playing the lottery is a win for education; brown eggs are local eggs and local eggs are fresh; Columbus discovered America; all men are created equal; lynching is justice; executing Negroes in broad daylight is justice; sexual predation is honorable; degrading women is normal; racism is ok. All the drugs and hard liquor in the world could not produce the level of stupidity required to fuel such system.

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