Black teardrop

When Africans are being sold as slaves in Lybia, in 2018, something must be done. When Africans are leaving Africa to seek refuge in Caucasian ruled countries, there is a serious problem that must be solved. Africa is the greatest and richest place in the world, where other nations come to steal whatever they need and want, why it is not benefiting Africans? What must Africa do to liberate herself from the pain, sorrow and misery she is mired into?
Look at Africa, Korea or Vietnam and see how the agenda is still to divide and conquer. To have our lives in order, reduce poverty, and reach peace, we must stop the terrorist neighbors from imposing their rules in our homes. Peace is a lot more than the absence of wars. We must go back to ourselves and do what we used to do with such brilliance. We don’t need to dwell on our problems, we have already researched and analyzed them enough; we were and are enslaved, tricked, abused, mistreated, colonized, executed. We know the same system that harmed us before is alive and well today. We know that we are many tribes and there is no single solution to fit all. We don’t have to agree on everything, and we don’t have to eat breakfast at the same time.
Being conscious of our differences, we must be alive to the common thread that joins us together. Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. The time has come to proclaim: enough black men have been slaughtered, enough black women have been raped, enough black children have been sacrificed on the altar of white supremacy, enough black families have been destroyed. Enough is enough.
One day, we will all sit down at the family table to eat some Soup Joumou, the very soup we were not allowed to eat when we were slaves.


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