Coffee and BBQ

On 03/29/2018, Brian Melley, of the Associated Press, wrote: “A Los Angeles judge has determined that coffee companies must carry an ominous cancer warning label because of a chemical produced in the roasting process. The Council for Education and Research on Toxics, a nonprofit group, sued Starbucks and 90 other companies under a state law that requires warnings on a wide range of chemicals that can cause cancer. One is acrylamide, a carcinogen present in coffee. The coffee industry had claimed the chemical was present at harmless levels and should be exempt from the law because it results naturally from the cooking process that makes beans flavorful. It also argued coffee was good for the body.
A similar case was taken up by the state attorney general that resulted in potato-chip makers agreeing to pay $3 million and remove acrylamide from their products.”
Why did the info take so long to come out? This was covered in “My journey into reality” almost 4 years ago. And that’s not all: 1) the coffee available on the market is pure trash. Because good coffee ground is used to fool drug sniffing dogs, the coffee beans are picked green, which eliminates the aroma so important in a good cup of java. 2) During the packaging, chemicals are added to preserve the “freshness” of the brands. 3) Many companies selling coffee have no clue how to process the coffee beans. The one thing that coffee ground can not stand is the oxygen in the air. Companies make up for that with “natural flavorings”. They are deadly. 4) The caffeine in the coffee ground gives a jolt to the body. Imagine poking yourself every time you sip. 5) Last but not least, coffee is good for one thing only: do stupid things faster with more energy.
I wonder how long it will take for the dangers of “barbecuing meat” to come out? The same process produces the same carcinogenic result.


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