Easter 2018

Failing our children one holiday at a time. Countless of children, looking to us for guidance, were led astray once more. In another adult betrayal, we knowingly told them about a rabbit sexual tryst with a chicken and shamelessly convinced their trusting little minds to “hunt” for chocolate eggs laid by a RABBIT. Yet, these children were told that lying is wrong.
Food dyes, clever decorations, Red Riding Hood basket of goodies, hunting parties, nothing was left to chance, nothing could stop us giggling “adults” from having a little fun at the expense of the children we pretend to love.
After we filled their little bodies with enough refined sugar to destroy their health, we will continue the charade and tell them about a fairy savior who never existed (the Council of Nicaea 325AD) but in our sick minds. With the help of the good book and the voices in our heads, the children of the world will be forced to accept that the original zombie rose from the dead to go back home to the father who killed him. And Jesus promised to be back one day in the alien mothership during a Rapture to harvest the ones who can flap their arms like buzzards, fly and meet him on cloud nine, the one that feels like Charmin.
Almost as good as Columbus’ day with more drama and visual effects.



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