85 %

Over the past 15 years, I was able to grow 85% of the food my family eats, on “My little homestead”. My monthly food expense is around $25 a month.
This allowed me choices that I cherish, among them the pleasure to avoid the following companies and products: Campbell’s; Healthy request; Wolfgang Puck organic soups; Pace Foods; Pepperidge Farms; V-8; Plum Organics; Cargill Inc; Truvia natural sweetener; Shady Brooks Farms; Diamond Crystal salt; Liza; Nature Fresh; Peter’s chocolate; Wilbur chocolate; Honeysuckle White; Rumba meats; Good Nature; Coca-Cola vitamin water; Smart water; Dasani; Nestea; Minute Made; Honest tea; Odwalla; Vitaminenergy; Keurig Green Mountain; Con-Agra; Orville Redenbacher’s organic; Hunt’s organic; Lightlife; Healthy choice; Hebrew National; Pam organic cooking sprays; Dean foods; Horizon; Silk; White wave; General Mills; Nature valley; Fiber one; Cheerios; Cascadian farm; Gold medal organic; Food should taste good; Heinz; ABC; Bagel bites; Complan; Daddies; Delimex; Farex; Greeseas; HP sauce; Lea & Perrins; Ore-Ida; Smart ones; Tater tots; TGI Friday’s; Wattie’s; Weight watchers; Wylers; Hain-Celestial; Phillip Morris; Monsanto; Citigroup; Exxon-Mobil; Walmart; Lockeed Martin; Earth’s best; Spectrum organics; Garden of Eatin’; Casbah; Rice dream; Soy dream; Wetsoy; Tofutown; Maranatha; Mountain sun; Walnut acres; Fruiti di Bosco; Health Valley; Bearitos; Bread shop; Celestial seasonings; Kellogg’s Kashi; Muslix; Nutrigrain; Bear naked; Morningstar farms; Gardenburger; Kraft; Snapple; ReaLemon; Triscuit; Green and black’s; SnackWell’s; South Beach; Boca; Back to nature; Nabisco; Nestle; Pure life; Pelligrino; Perrier; Poland spring; Gerber; Gerber organic; California pizza kitchen; Tribe Mediterranean; Sweet leaf tea; Pepsico; Miss Vickie’s; Sun chips; Aquafina; Sobe; Harvest crunch; Dole; Ocean spray; Tropicana; Miranda; Tazo; Quaker; Naked juice; Mother’s; IZZE; Simply Frito-Lay; Starbucks Frappucino; Unilever; Salada; Knorr; Ben & Jerry; General Mills; Smuckers; R.W. Knudsen; Santa Cruz organic; Smucker’s organic; Hershey; Dagoba bimbo bakeries; Earthgrains bread; McCormick; Simply Asia; Thai kitchen; Aunt Jemima; Aurora foods; Banquet; Best foods; Betty Crocker; Bisquick; Cadbury; Capri Sun; Carnation; Chef Boyardee; Delicious brand cookies; Duncan Hines; Famous Amos; Gree Giant; Hellman’s; Holsum; Hormel; Hungry Jack; Hunt; Interstate batteries; Jiffy; KC Masterpiece; Keebler; Flowers bakeries; Kid cuisine; Kool-Aid; Lipton; Loma Linda; Marie Callenders; Mrs Butterworths; Pasta-Roni; Pop secret; Prego; Pringles; Proctor and Gamble; Ragu sauce; Rice-A-Roni; Stouffers; Sweppes; Tombstone pizza; Tostinos; Uncle Ben’s.
In addition, I try to stay away from AOL; Disney; Siemens; Nokia; Kimberly-Clark; Estee Lauder; Tommy Hillfiger; Armani; Maybelline; Revlon; DKNY; Johnson & Johnson; L’Oreal; Sunkist; Publix; Sprite; Fanta; GE; McDonald’s; Intel; Motorola; Dannon; Kit Kat; and Sara Lee.
Our health is proof that we are doing the right thing.

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