Challenge 2018

Reason, rationality and good judgment are my weapons of choice to beat some common sense into the empty heads of illiterate egomaniacs. I am still looking for Christians who actually read the bible and live by the words of their creator. In 2010, renewed in 2013, I issued a trillion dollar challenge, worldwide, to any and all pastors who can prove to me that they live by the words they preach, and that they are not thieves and crooks. I am still waiting for the first one to show up. I guess it’s easier to abuse the poor and uneducated, and use the bible to swindle the masses.
Sending money to a televangelist in order to receive a healing or hundredfold blessing doesn’t prove to God that you have faith. It proves that you have been deceived by a false teacher and don’t know what God’s word really teaches.

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