Misguided priorities

The news has been out for a week now. (CNN) “West Virginia public school teachers will strike for an eighth day Monday, 04/03/2018, because the state legislature didn’t meet their demand for higher pay and better benefits over the weekend. All 55 counties announced school closures for Monday. About 20,000 teachers walked out February 22, keeping almost 277,000 students out of class. Union leaders say the teachers won’t return to work until they get a 5% raise.”
The average salary of a teacher, in Oklahoma, is $42,460, which is considered the lowest in the country. Mississippi is considered the second lowest with the average salary of $43,950. (The Bureau of Labor Statistics).
The average salary of a deployed soldier without dependents is $47,389 and if he receives BAH it’s $54,507. A deployed staff Sergeant (E6) may receive from $29,840.40 to $37,166.40 (GoArmy.com).
The average salary of Congress (2009–2017) from $174,000 to $191,533 with an adjustment of per annum 2.8%; Vice President $233,000; Delegates to the House of Representatives $174,000; Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico $174,000; President pro tempore of the Senate $193,400; Majority leader and minority leader of the Senate $193,400; Majority leader and minority leader of the House of Representatives $193,900; Speaker of the House of Representatives $223,500. The current retirement for a President is $191,300. The maximum potential January 2017 member pay adjustment is 1.6%, or $2,800. (Congressional Research Service)
Add to that: Congress gets away with insider trading every day; since Congress writes and approves the tax code, it’s not surprising that they wrote in a few bonuses for themselves; free travel and trips; over half the year off for vacation; they can vote for their own pay raise. Members of Congress can also take bribes in exchange for pulling strings on their end. When they get caught, the word “racketeering” pops up a lot while reading about their charges; but the pull of using their office for personal gain is too strong. (Dysfunctional humans” @Amazon.com)
So here we are: students are not receiving an education, teachers are not receiving a decent, fair and livable wage, soldiers are giving a pittance in exchange for their lives, while the fat cats of Congress, who are exploiting children, soldiers and teachers, are out collecting bribes.


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