Biblical morality

There have been many vain attempts at explaining the morality of organized religion. Anyone with a pulse knows that there is not one ounce of morality in religion. Exodus 21:7 says it’s OK to sell your daughter into slavery. Exodus 35:2 Anyone found working on the Sabbath should be put to death. Should we follow the advice? No. Why? Because they are immoral. What religious morality can be found in Psalm 137:9? The Old Testament was so ridiculous that a New Testament was needed, and the Christian God blew his second chance.
Joel Osteen is a very smart businessman who stays the heck away from an inane bible and peddles a highly profitable heavenly Ponzi scheme. No return, no complaint and no money back. Imagine a lottery where one has to die to check if s/he won.
With common sense, one may understand how the bible can be used as the beacon of the Paulian cult. Nothing else is more fitting and appropriate than a book glorifying death, filled with unparalleled filth, unnatural sex, orgies, intolerance, divisiveness, child abuse, human sacrifices, genocide, cannibalism, rape, gang rape, superstition, ignorance, inequality, racism, feces, misogyny, bigotry, inbreeding, slavery, war-mongering, planetary destruction, injustice, atrocities, sexual perversions, incest and, rage and bloody violence. This is the absolute best book that some geniuses could find to display in city halls and government buildings, to guide Congress and the president, to enact the laws of the US.

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