Faking it

Truth does not fear investigation, nor does it require force of law to uphold it! Lies do, and that’s exactly what the Holocaust is!
JERUSALEM – Israel is commemorating its Holocaust Remembrance Day in memory of the 6 million Jews systematically killed by Nazi Germany and its collaborators during World War II. The solemn day began Wednesday evening with the main ceremony at Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial.
Israhell should erect a monument to Solomon Morel and Abraham Gancwajch. The charade continues.
“Six million” Jews killed in gas chambers disguised as shower rooms in the best documented genocide in world history, and yet there are no bodies, no murder weapons, i.e. gas chambers disguised as shower rooms, and no documents. A stone plaque was placed at Auschwitz stating that “4 million” had died there. The old stone plaque stating that four million had died was later replaced by the plaque claiming that one and a half million had died.
For sixty years the media has inundated the world with photos of typhus victims taken by the British after the war at Belsen presented as evidence of Nazi gassings.
If you want to see a real Holocaust victim, look at any black man, woman and child. The MAAFA wasn’t made in Hollywood.


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