The truth hurts

The reports keep coming: 1) Pro-opposition groups and rescue workers in the area say that 43 people died from chemical agent symptoms, but the number of fatalities is still very uncertain.
2) More than 80 people were killed in a suspected chemical attack on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun in north-western Syria on 4 April.
3) WHO said more than 70 people taking shelter in basements reportedly died in the attack, with 43 of those deaths related to exposure to toxic chemicals.
4) About 500 people may have been affected by a suspected chemical attack last week on Syria’s rebel-held town of Douma, according to the World Health Organization.
5) Deadly chemical weapons attack on Tuesday, killed 70 and wounded hundreds more.
Bottom line: The United States, France and Britain launched 105 missiles overnight in retaliation for a suspected poison gas attack in Syria a week ago. Each Tomahawk missile cost about $832,000, each. That same day, 16 million American children went to bed hungry, lacking the food they need.
Show me any politician in the world who cares about Syrian men, women and children, and I will show you a damn liar. Show me anyone in the US Congress who cares about American kids, and I will show you a corrupt maggot more interested in taking bribes. If she cares so much about human rights and human life, Nimrasha Randhawa should make the case for all the Negroes who are being slaughtered in the US.

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