Jesus is coming

The end is near, wrote Elizabeth Llorente.
“The world will cease to exist on April 23, according to a prediction that has some laughing, some yawning and yet others making preparations that could leave their lives in shambles. The warning about an upcoming Rapture, from numerologist David Meade, follows a long tradition of end-of-days predictions.
Meade based the April 23 coming of the Rapture, when conviction holds that believers will be absorbed into the heavens while nonbelievers are left behind and die over a period of about five months, on the premise that the sun, moon and Jupiter, which supposedly represents the Messiah, will be in Virgo. Virgo is said to represent the woman from the biblical passage.
In 2011, a warning by a U.S. preacher, Harold Camping, that the Rapture would happen that year on May 21 prompted many followers of his evangelical ministry to quit their jobs and sell everything they owned. Camping’s Christian media empire spent millions of dollars to warn about the Rapture on thousands of billboards around the country.”
When Jesus comes, hopefully someone will hand him a wet towel to clean himself.
If palm readers and psychics have to pay taxes, why not these cuckoo birds?

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