Blacks, God and Jesus

It seems that finally, at long last, the truth is seeping into the brains of some Negroes. Caleb Parke wrote the following article: [“The problems of Christianity” and “white Jesus” were on the agenda during a controversial panel discussion at Ohio’s Kent State University on Tuesday. Over 100 students attended the “Is Christianity the White Man’s Religion?” event. KSU spokesman, Eric Mansfield, told Fox News the panel was sponsored by a student organization that chose the speakers on the panel and followed all university guidelines.
The event was co-sponsored by KSU’s Impact Movement, which supports the African American church, and UHURU Magazine, a derivative of Black United Students. The panel featured Lisa Fields, who founded a group “equipping those of African descent,” ShoBaraka, co-founder of the social justice-focused “AND Campaign,” and Vince Bantu, professor of missionology at Covenant Theological Seminary. He added that black people don’t want anything to do with Christianity because it fits more with Western white culture. Fields talked about Christianity and slavery in American history. She argued slave owners took away Christianity from the slaves because “Christians could not be slaves, and therefore if Christianity is taken away from them, slavery is justified.”]
All this was covered in many of my books, years ago. I didn’t shy away from calling a duck, well, a duck. To this day, I still consider any Negro who walks into a church to be the dumbest animal on the face of the earth. And I backed up all my assertions with vibrant proofs. It’s amazing that the majority of black families are still indoctrinating and brainwashing their children into the insane cults of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Atheism. One has to reach a special level in stupidity to be unable to see the truth. A God who slaughtered children should not be an object of worship, a God who tried his best to create a superior tribe (race) is no different than Hitler or anyone at the American Eugenics Movement, a God who stood idly watching the slaughter of 119 millions Native Americans and 800 millions Negroes has to be a white supremacist, a God who wasted his powers to kill a fig tree or his son is not a role model, a God who murdered 25 millions innocent people just in the Old Testament is a genocidal terrorist.
Religion is a pile of manure and different denominations are different angles to look at the same pile of manure.

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