To all network executives

There is a great opportunity that you are missing. I, for one, am sick and tired of the daily diarrhea and vomit being passed as “breaking news”. The time has come for some networks to step up to the plate and rescue the nation. FXX should show more Simpsons episodes, TRU tv should double the showing of World’s dumbest, FOOD tv can certainly offer more Worst Cooks in America, etc…
The ad nauseum crap offered every single day is sickening. I don’t care about the sexual escapades of anyone, I care even less about criminals who are operating legally either from the White House or Congress. All I expect from the media is a correct weather prediction so I can go fishing or play tennis. Oh, and it would help if, every once in a while, someone would show up and say: “Guess what people, there is no news worthy of  reporting today”. I nominate Investigation Discovery to be the official channel of the US, and I hope HLN, MSNBC, CNN and Fox can be retired into a national cesspool.
Just wishing.

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