Chicken abortion

On Friday April 13th, 2018 the Food and Drug Administration announced a recall of 206 million eggs over salmonella concerns. Recalled eggs were also sold to restaurants. CDC reported 23 cases in nine states with six hospitalizations and no deaths. After learning that all of the people who became ill ate eggs or egg dishes, the FDA was able to trace back the source of some of the eggs to the Rose Acre Farms’ Hyde County farm. FDA investigators then inspected the farm and collected samples for testing. FDA analysis of the samples revealed that the same strain of Salmonella Braenderup that caused the illnesses was present at the Hyde County Egg facility, tying the facility to the outbreak. As a result of these findings and discussions between the FDA and the firm, Rose Acre Farms has voluntarily recalled 200 millions eggs from the farm in Hyde County, North Carolina. Following Rose Acre Farms’ recall, Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. voluntarily recalled eggs purchased from Rose Acre Farms and produced at the Hyde County facility.
FACT: Salmonella most associated with food poisoning (Salmonella enteritidis) doesn’t show symptoms in hens who lay eggs. Once infected, often by exposure rodents carrying salmonella, the bacteria can move into the hen’s oviduct or ovary, infecting eggs as they form.
It wasn’t the first time as can be verified in the case of United States v. Rose Acre Farms – Petition. Docket number: No. 04-1311. In 1990, three separate outbreaks of SE contamination, resulting in approximately 450 persons becoming ill, were traced back to eggs laid at henhouses on three farms owned by respondent Rose Acre Farms, Inc. (Rose Acre). Pet. App. 6a, 45a-47a. In the course of the ensuing investigation, 6741 hens were removed from Rose Acre’s henhouses for slaughter and testing. Id. at 47a
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) promulgated interim regulations which stipulate: “The regulations provided that, when a farm was identified as the probable source of SE-contaminated eggs, USDA would conduct environmental testing on the farm, which could include the slaughter and testing of hens. Id. at 4a-5a, 42a-43a.”
How many hens were culled after the discovery of the last outbreak?

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