New doomsday prediction

Ed Mazza wrote: A self-declared Bible “researcher” and conspiracy theorist who has predicted a number of failed doomsday dates is trying a new tack. Instead of giving a date, he’s giving a range.
David Meade told the Guardian that the biblical “rapture” will take place at some point between May and December of this year. When that happens, the world won’t end but rather the faithful will be plucked off the Earth, leaving the rest behind for seven years of tribulation. Then, he said, there will be 1,000 years of peace and prosperity before the world actually ends, which would occur by the year 3025, give or take. “So the world isn’t ending anytime soon, in our lifetimes, anyway”, Meade assured the Guardian. Meade previously predicted the world would end on Sept. 23, 2017. At the time, he didn’t offer a specific form of apocalypse. In the past, however, Meade has used “numerical codes” found in the Bible and claimed that a secret planet called Nibiru was on a collision course with Earth. Leave it to a bunch of common sense challenged lunatics and we have another comedy routine to laugh at.
Not long ago, Kent Hovind, (Doctor Kent Hovind, mind you), has set the official beginning of the world at 4004BC, the curse of Adam and Eve at 4004BC on day 10 after creation, etc…
Religious belief in the privacy of your own mind is one thing, display it in a public forum in order to fleece the poor and you have to accept constructive criticism even if that criticism exposes you as a lunatic and a thief.
The only question that remains unanswered is: do they do it to be in the news or to profit from it. Shaking the tree of stupidity and selling the fruits to the ignorant masses.

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