Kanye loves Bonespurs

A few days ago, a black drug addict publicly professed his love for a white liar. Many Blacks lost their swag when Kanye West, in a midst of another drug induced stupor, said that slavery was a choice, while wearing his MAGA cap. Just another case of a Negro imitating imitators. After reading his statement, constitutional “freedom of speech” came immediately to mind, and once I refreshed the rum and coke, I reminded myself that one more turd can not worsen a busy public outhouse.
Although he is regarded as a “stable genius”, Kanye looks far from being an educated person who doesn’t roll over when told or sit on command. No excuse, hard liquor, drugs or plain ignorance should lead anyone to this level of hallucinating ignorance. No one should repeat this pile of manure, even on drugs. But we live in a wonderful world, where the voice of the uneducated is louder than the truth.
What I found shocking was the need of so many to rebuke and challenge an ignorant statement made by a certified drug addict. One of the offended parties, Blair L. M. Kelley, who works at North Carolina State University and has taught numerous African-American studies courses, responded to Kanye West’s argument that black people had chosen to be slaves, providing some context about the brutality of the slave trade. Then an internet backlash followed, where celebrities and common folks took swipes at poor Kanye, for expressing himself. Maybe Kanye is a Trump supporter, because he found out that we didn’t have an opioid crisis of this magnitude before we wrestled the opium trade from the Afghani farmers.
The public focus should be on the reasons why this kind of unfortunate events happen. There are 20,000 to 25,000 genes in the human genome and about half of them work in our brain; you wouldn’t know that by looking at many of us. Kanye’ words are the result of the actions of a few enlightened and lit idiots, stable geniuses themselves, who make decisions and have much say-so about the lives of others. Rich so-called elites, who are as immune to facts and objective reality as they are experts at manipulating and misrepresenting them. People who destroyed education as we know it, poisoned our food, polluted our environment. The ocean, nearest the outstanding western places, is so polluted that they must vacation in a shithole country to find some decent beaches to wade and swim in.
They have created a white supremacist system with biased laws from corrupt lawmakers, bribed judges, governmental agencies distributing illegal drugs and weapons, rigged juries, unethical ambulance chasers, planted evidence, racial profiling, street executions that violated their own due process, incarceration games, all that to fill the prisons they constructed to jail blacks in order to feel better about themselves. Nothing seems to be off the table when it comes to terrorizing people of a certain skin tone at home or in foreign lands. That is the American definition of justice and democracy.
It has been at work for a long time and Kanye is one new recruit. The African slave trade started in 550AD with the Arabs and the Jews raiding the coasts and castrating Africans to be sold as eunuchs, while the women were confined to the harems. That’s the start of the system designed to preserve white life and destroy black life. And ever since, the destroyers came in all colors and shapes. The only thing that doesn’t change is the modus operandi; not too many dead at once, so it’s not seen as a genocide. Despite all that, we don’t need to lie about our history to have a history.
The usual terrorists never did anything for the planet, except trying to destroy it. They massacred living and non-living things alike. We are never safe, indoors or outdoors, as the parasites are always looking for victims. They hate anything natural and Mother Nature hates them. One of the main reasons for their hatred is that she fitted them with recessive genes. There has never been a European civilization, a European nation, all they were able to muster was a tribe. While blacks, the noble children of the African Sun who built the pyramids, are surviving, these Neanderthals have no knowledge or creativity, and are still resisting hygiene, just the same as when they were defecating inside the icy caves of the Caucasus mountains with their animals sleeping next to them. Almost like the ice crystals entered their brains and froze in stupidity, forcing them to chose the bonehead pursuit of world domination. And after thousands of years, they still can not dance. They can not understand that there is no white supremacy, just white tolerance. The party will be over as soon as blacks make the decision to end the joke.
So, it’s no wonder that butt kisser Kanye chose the path of least resistance, and repeated the western creed: the cow jumped over the moon, which is made of cheese, and there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


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