Shopping while black

A Black attorney and her daughter went shopping; they got handcuffed but didn’t steal anything. Nancy Bedard said what happened to her and her 19-year-old daughter last week isn’t uncommon for black people in America. “It’s while we’re shopping, drinking coffee, sleeping, selling cigarettes,” she told The New York Daily News. “The fact that you’re black alone is suspicious.” Bedard and her daughter were on a shopping trip on May 4, she said, when they decided to make a stop at Amarcord Vintage Clothing in Brooklyn, New York City. She told ABC7 that a white employee accused them of stealing a clothing item they tried on.
Another employee had earlier told Bedard, an attorney, and her daughter to try on their clothing in the same dressing room, she told The New York Daily News. They exited the fitting room — and that’s when the second employee allegedly said they came out with one less item.
It wasn’t long until police arrived to the scene, Pix11 reported. The New York Police Department released a statement saying they responded to a report of “larceny in progress”, but they found no stolen clothing after handcuffing Bedard and her teenage daughter.
Both Bedard and her daughter had bruises from the handcuffs and were treated at a nearby hospital, according to The New York Daily News.
Sue them, that’s the only language they understand.

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