Defending Trump

Trump is not the first white supremacist president of the US, but he seems to be the smartest. Besides seeing the presidency as a tool to enrich himself and his immediate family, he has shown the outstanding ability to use the stupidity of the people for his own advantage. Let’s face the truth, while Hillary continues to nag when she is not collapsing, while Mueller is popping here and there in the news with a constipated look on his face, while Michael Avenatti is mentally masturbating behind a mic at CNN, Trump, Ivanka and Kushner are moving from bankrupt idiots to the billionaire club. No one will have profited more from the presidency than Trump, and that’s the art of his deal.
Charlottesville is new, but nevertheless more of the same common event in the US. Racism has been a major part of the American landscape since the European colonization of North America, beginning in 1492. Racism against Native Americans, racism against African-Americans, racism against Japanese-Americans, racism against Muslim-Americans, racism against Mexicans, racism against Africans, racism against anything non-Caucasian.
The media portrayal of this continent’s first inhabitants as bloodthirsty savages helped justify European abuses against Native Americans. The institution of slavery kept blacks in bondage for generations while legally or socially sanctioned privileges and rights were given to white Americans but denied to all other races. Other institutions, such as the church, played roles in maintaining slavery and segregation. Racism in medicine has led to unethical medical experiments involving people of color, still receiving substandard treatment today. Every institution in the US is geared toward the control and domination of non-whites, from the banks, to real estate, to the church. There is a reason why the  median wealth among white households in America is $171,000; among black households, it’s $17,600.
Today, in the most racist land in the world, a Negro can not go to Starbucks or have a BBQ in a park without some Proto-Aryan calling the police execution gang. Trump is not responsible for something that has always been the fabric of white American Confederacy; just as Trump is not responsible for the school shootings. Trump is not responsible for Jim Crow or the lynching of thousands of Negroes, he is only following in the footsteps of his ancestors.

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