To rob and lie

A leader of a corrupt Baltimore police unit has been sentenced to 25 years in federal prison. U.S. District Judge Catherine Blake handed down the punishment Thursday to former Gun Trace Task Force leader Sgt. Wayne Jenkins. Jenkins had pleaded guilty earlier this year to charges including racketeering, robbery and falsifying records. He is the second member of the disbanded task force to be sentenced. In his plea agreement, Jenkins admitted to robbing hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash as well as drugs including cocaine and heroin from people who had been temporarily detained or arrested. Jenkins gave stolen drugs to an associate who resold them, enriching both men.
Two former detectives with the corrupt Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task force were sentenced Friday to seven years in prison each, with prosecutors asking for lesser sentences due to their extensive cooperation. Federal prosecutors vouched for former Detectives Evodio Hendrix, 32, of Randallstown and Maurice Ward, 36, of Middle River and asked U.S. District Court Judge Catherine C. Blake to give them sentences below the recommended guidelines. The prosecutors also disclosed that information from the officers was being used in continuing investigations. Assistant U.S. Attorney Derek Hines said Hendrix provided information on “other officers who have not been charged at this time”, and that “there is an ongoing investigation of that episode”. Federal authorities have indicated previously that their investigation is ongoing. The officers had worked in plainclothes police squads with Sgt. Wayne Jenkins prior to him bringing them over to the Gun Trace Task Force, where they joined forces with other officers who had also been committing robberies for years.
Det. Marcus Taylor, who fought the charges against him and was convicted by a federal jury, received 18 years Thursday. The other officer who fought the charges, Daniel Hersl, is scheduled for sentencing on June 22. Two other officers, Jemell Rayam and Momodu Gondo, pleaded guilty and cooperated with the government, but they admitted to a much wider range of criminal conduct than Hendrix and Ward. Their sentencing dates haven’t been scheduled.

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