Back to slavery rules in 2018

The possibility of separation was an ever-present threat to every member of a slave family. Male children were frequently taken from slave mothers and sold as workers, while little girls were sold as concubines or maids. The stories still echo in our memory.
1.- But my poor mother, when she saw me leaving her for the last time, ran after me, took me down from the horse, clasped me in her arms, and wept loudly and bitterly over me. My mother then turned to him and cried, “Oh, master, do not take me from my child!”
2.- A mother unleashed a piercing scream as her baby was ripped from her arms during a slave auction. Even as a lash cut her back, she refused to put her baby down and climb atop an auction block. But the child was torn from the arms of its mother amid the most heart-rending shrieks from the mother and child on the one hand, and the bitter oaths and cruel lashes from the tyrants on the other.
The same scenarios can be seen today, as the US, land of the free and home of the braves, continues to slaughter dark skinned children on the altar of white supremacy.


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