God’s money scheme

God doesn’t miss an opportunity to pass the collection plate. Sometimes the request comes with the promise of a tenfold reward, and other times, God instructs his goons to threaten the followers who failed to hand over the protection money. Keep in mind that you will never, ever, get back the money that you hand over to the pastor.
Let’s think for a minute about this Ponzi scheme: if God has the power to repay an idiot who hands over his last dollar, tenfold the amount, maybe he should start “tenfolding” the money he swindles and stop begging for more. And if he has the power to multiply your donations, why is he always out of money? Why can’t he multiply his own money? Why keep begging for more?
The reason God wants you to give your money to the crook you call “pastor” is because the pastor is a lot smarter than you and can find better ways to spend the loot, be it a personal airplane, flashy jewelry, expensive cars, shopping sprees for his mistress, drugs and the services of hookers.
If God can multiply money tenfold, tell your pastor to give him a few bucks so he can stop begging for more.
But the truth is: you can get a better return if you send your money to Ms Cleo and the Psychic Friends Network.

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