Another holy one

At first, the 41-year-old woman didn’t think anything was odd when the pastor asked her to help him put his youngest child into a car seat as they sat in his church office after a Sunday service. But then, as she bent over to do so, she felt skin against her leg. And, when she turned around, she saw the pastor bent right behind her with his cellphone in his hand and its red light on, indicating a video recording. That’s what she told Volusia County deputies happened to her on April 8 at the Deltona Church of Christ, WFTV ABC 9 reported. The former pastor, Brian Kenyon Jr., is accused of taking an upskirt video up the parishioner’s dress.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office charged Brian Kenyon, a former Florida Church of Christ pastor in Deltona, with video voyeurism on July 12, 2018.

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