Keep them OUT

Nelson Mandela’s grandson slammed President Donald Trump as “ignorant” and “arrogant” on Thursday, following a tweet where the President implied opposition to a controversial land reform program in South Africa.
Trump said late Wednesday evening that he had instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to examine “farm seizures” and “the large scale killing of farmers” in South Africa, echoing a report on Fox News earlier that night that tapped into a common and inaccurate narrative on the far-right that white South African farmers were facing a “genocide.”
“President Donald Trump’s unfortunate tweet shows disrespect for South Africa’s sovereignty and our commitment to justice and redress,” said Nkozi Mandela, a member of the Pan African Parliament, in a statement. “Trump once again demonstrates a total ignorance of reality. We will not be dictated to, threatened or pressured into accepting a land deal that perpetuates the injustices of the past.”
Keep the mutations of Dravidian albinos OUT OF ALKEBULAN.

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