Raping children

Pope Francis expressed “pain and shame” over the Catholic Church’s failure to deal with abuse and met with eight victims during a visit to Ireland on Saturday where the prime minister pressed him to take action. Francis said the “failure of ecclesiastical authorities… adequately to address these repellent crimes has rightly given rise to outrage, and remains a source of pain and shame for the Catholic community.”
The sexual assault and rape of little children is the least of Francis’ concerns. Peddling his cult, doing his best to raise funds to support the lifestyle of his pedophile priests is his only priority. Words, thoughts and prayers can never heal the crap heaped upon the children. The bastards who sodomized the children must go to jail, even if most of them are white priests.
Still, countless of stupid and ignorant people will flock and trample each other to bring clown Francis their last dollar. Countless of dumb mothers will step over their kids to make a donation, countless of dumb Negroes will dance in the aisles and donate money that could be better used for booze and drugs.




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