Comrade Bonespurs

“Donald Trump has been mocked for coloring in the American flag incorrectly during a visit to a children’s hospital in Ohio. The US president was photographed adding a blue stripe to an outline of the star-spangled banner, rather than correctly filling in the 13 alternating red and white stripes, representing the original colonies.
Twitter users were also quick to suggest Trump was actually attempting to color in the Russian flag, which is made up of three horizontal layers of white, blue and red, at a time when the FBI is investigating his campaign’s ties to Russia before the 2016 election.”
Trump doesn’t have a clue what the American flag looks like, can not spell anything in American English to save his criminal life, doesn’t know the words to the national anthem and he’s never read the US Constitution, yet he is the best that we have in this country, the grand lizzard of the white supremacists. The only thing we can count on him to do is slander black countries and people. America deserves no less and no more than Trump.

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