In a decent world

The Vatican’s retired ambassador to the United States accused senior Vatican officials of knowing as early as 2000 that the disgraced former archbishop of Washington, ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, regularly invited seminarians into his bed but was made a cardinal regardless.

In a decent world, someone would stand up to defend the children. In a decent world, the rule of law would apply to the rich just as it applies to the poor. In a decent world, no one would be above the law. In a decent world, justice is the finding of the truth. In a decent world, criminals would receive the just rewards for their activities. But we don’t live in a decent world, we have created a dysfunctional place where a cult is allowed to demean women, to discriminate against blacks, to commit genocide, to wage war against the innocent, to torture other humans, to profit off money laundering, to systematically order the physical elimination of unwanted people, to needlessly enslave others, to push their hallucinating delusion on others, to steal and plunder in order to maintain a lavish lifestyle where pedophiles can dress like the women they hate, parade in clown outfits and still be regarded as pillars of the community.

We are truly the most intelligent on the planet, heck in the universe.

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