Open letter to Catholics

For 2000 years, ever since your God presumably spoke to a gang of illiterate goat herders, you have faithfully supported the Apostolic Catholic pedophile cult. For 2000 years you praised and contributed to the wealth of the criminals. For 2000 years, you never gave the children the benefit of the doubt, you always blindly sided with your so-called “fathers”. For 2000 long years, you ignored reason, reality, sanity and common sense to side with your beloved sect. For 2000 years, every single brain cell failed to tap you on the shoulder or register a red flag. For 2000 years, you indoctrinated, brainwashed and enslaved your sons and daughters, and handed them to the crooks, thieves and wolves who promised to show you the way to their heaven. If that’s the heaven you deserve and wish to spend eternity in, then, by all means, continue to provide for the child molesters.
The time to face reality is now. The time for redemption is now. This can be a new beginning for you. The time has come to stop supporting religious predators who sodomized children all over this planet. Stop being accomplices, sending money, aiding and abetting criminals.
You have read the news, you have received the signs, it’s time to end the stupidity. Because “the bible says so” is ignorant, stupid and idiotic. There are still no dates, no lineage, no facts, no empirical evidence to support the hallucination of a fairy hiding behind the clouds. Stop the money flow to the beast, and all other appendages of the beast.
And if you can not show the slightest empathy for children, may your God turn you into one, after your death, and let you spend eternity, buck naked, next to a Catholic priest.


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